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How it Works

How it Works

The Radio Shopping Show is The Most Amazing Show on the Radio because it allows you to save HUGE amounts of money on products or services you purchase every day.


Have you ever wondered, how does it all work at the BIG Radio Shopping Show?

We are lucky to have a CBS News clip to show you exactly how to get our great deals! Please share this with your friends and introduce them to the wonderful world of the

BIG Radio Shopping Show!




How It Works


The Radio Shopping Show is The Most Amazing Show on the Radio because it allows you to save HUGE amounts of money on products or services you purchase every day. It's easy and It's fun to save 40%, 50%, 60% or even more by simply listening to our program on WBIG-1280 AM and calling 630-585-1280.


During the broadcasts our listeners enjoy HUGE SAVINGS on travel destinations, fast food, family or fine dining, entertainment, weekend getaways, auto services, recreation, office supplies and thousands of other items for which others pay full retail price.


You can also save BIG BUCKS by coming to our Road Shows at various locations throughout the Chicagoland area. Listen to our daily broadcasts or check this website for dates and locations of our Road Shows.


How can The Radio Shopping Show Offer Such Deep Discounts?


The Radio Shopping Show is a unique barter marketing program. Businesses offer products and services on The Radio Shopping Show in exchange for advertising and publicity. This is why these certificates can be sold at such incredibly low prices. We pioneered The Radio Shopping Show in 1981 and since then tens-of-thousands of people have saved literally millions of dollars.


If you have a favorite business you'd like to see on our program please call our General Sales Manager at 630-851-5200 (if you are a business owner or manager of a business which could benefit from this remarkable marketing opportunity, we would welcome your call).


When is The Radio Shopping Show on the Air?


You can save money :


Wednesday and Friday

11:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.
2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.


How Do I Learn When and Where Your Road Shows Take Place?


Listen to our daily programs for the weekly schedule or check this website.


How Do I Get Started?


Ready to shop and eager to begin saving money? Great! Simply call The Radio Shopping Show live during one of our scheduled broadcasts. Our friendly and knowledgeable hosts will give you a temporary number and you can begin saving money right away while you wait for your Key Tag number to arrive.


Before you call the program or visit our Road Shows we suggest you prepare a list of items you wish to purchase. This preparation moves the process along allowing more people to participate and more savings for you.


What's a Marathon Show and How Do I Participate?


Four times each year we broadcast special 24 hour Marathon Radio Shopping Shows featuring a huge array of items over and above our already extensive inventory. All are priced at even BIGGER SAVINGS than you've come to expect.


You'll find a complete shoppers guide at this website of products and services offered on each Marathon Show. Stay tuned or visit our website to learn more about this unique and exciting way to save even more money.


Can You Give Me Any Additional Information?


Our goal is for you to have a uniquely satisfying experience as you save on The Radio Shopping Show. We believe once you try it you'll find out just how much fun it is saving 40%, 50%, 60% or even more on items you purchase all the time! If you have any questions, please call 630-851-5200, Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. and ask for The Radio Shopping Show Coordinator. Please continue to visit this site regularly for updated information.