Coral Cove Water Park-Carol Stream
Posted 6/12/2017

Coral Cove Water Park is a great location for the whole family! Open first Saturday in June through Labor Day - we have something for everyone from the littlest tots through seniors. Walking into the facility immediately immerses the guest into the entire water park. The zero depth pool stretches from the concession area all the way to the slide pool offering great space for easy access to the pool a spot for the tots to splash. Six lanes wide and 25 yards long the main pool is a great spot for pool games and lounging. Behind the main pool is one of the newest features to the park, the spray n' play with the massive dumping bucket. The kids (and adults too!) gather below the roof waiting for the more than 100 gallons to come rushing down! For those who want to get out of the water for a while, a dry playground is located between our two splash areas. Near the concession area is the Splish Splash Lagoon where tiny tots enjoy perhaps their first experience at a water park. On the other side of the park the bigger kids can ride on of the two body slides ending in the catch pool. Meanwhile the strongest visitor make their to climb the 15ft rock wall and fall back into the dive pool. If the rock wall is not open then instead dare to take the drop slide and plunge to the bottom of the pool. Flips and dives are always a scene at the diving board but only the truly brave visitors will show us how to do a BELLY FLOP! Time to take a break and grab a bite to eat at our full service concession stand complete with slices of hot pizza, fresh hot dogs, or an a cold ice cream bar on the hottest days. So get here early, grab a beach chair, and get some sun cause remember... CORAL COVE IS THE HOT PLACE TO BE COOL! 849 W. Lies Rd. Carol Stream, Illinois
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